And life keeps laughing at me…

This 100 day challenge is turning out to be a writing challenge. Haha! This one was a bit challenging, I hope I did something to push the plot forward, at least. Ndanu started another short story…now in part 6. Find links from part 2 to 5 here


Njugunas. Was it still the same? He wondered. Had Njuguna renovated the place? The rustic feel on the outside that gave way to a room which had to be lit even during the day. He hoped not. They loved it there. No pressure to speak unnecessary English, pretend to be of a certain they were all after one thing, Njuguna’s ale…oh, and Rhoda. Sometimes watu wa jua kali would take their lunch there, but this was highly frowned upon. Lunch could be eaten elsewhere…but this is the one place the beer and assorted liquor tasted like it was supposed to. So it didn’t make sense to fill up the seats with food….literally.

Where is Mutiso now? Does he understand what this means to him? “I pray he didn’t go back to Njuguna’s! Please God!” He thought to himself. Suddenly, he was too tired and felt like the little air in the room wasn’t enough.

He coughed. One that sounded like an empty metal drum. Then a few more. Sarah rushed to his side and rubbed his chest gently. “There there…its ok. I am here.” She reached for the jug and poured him some warm water. He took a few sips…then she looked at him deep in the eyes…bloodshot! “Njeru, i’ll be right back.” She tried to mask her panic as she walked out, then turned almost hysterical when she saw the doctor walking towards her.

“His eyes…they…they are red…crimson doctor” She whispered. Not because she didn’t want to risk Njeru hearing her, but because she felt shouting may make it seem less serious.

“Sarah, calm down. I was coming up to you just now. Sit…” he pointed to one of the waiting seats next to them. ” We need to operate. His vitals are not right.”

“Operate? No! No! No! You said he was fine, that he was lucky to get away with no serious injury…now YOU want to operate? I won’t allow it! Njeru is fine!”

Njeru! She suddenly remembered how she’d left him. She stood and rushed back.

The lady next to him was wearing a mini. The back seat was always squeezed, so with well built men next on both ends, her cleavage was even more pronounced. But even this free show, not porn, didn’t make him feel better. He wasn’t going to make it. He had checked his pockets to see if the cash he had on him would be enough for a taxi. It wasn’t. But even if it was would the taxi fly? He looked at his watch. An hour. That’s all the time he had left. By the look of things, it was all going to be spent in traffic. Then what? Fail Njeru? He tried to pick his brain for solutions, but every one of them hit the roadblock. He had Dexter on him, so no one could help. He looked at the cleavage and then at the woman’s face. She scorned.

“Ah! How is it that the cleavage and face almost never match? Is nothing right in this world today?” Mutiso thought as the hoots deafened his already crowded mind.

The bed was empty, and for a minute, Sarah panicked. Where is he? She turned to the doctor…”You had the nurses come take him without my consent, didn’t you? She spoke through her tightly clenched teeth. “BRING HIM BACK!!” Then they heard it. The noise was coming from the cupboard. Njeru was looking for something. “Oh, there you are, Sarah. Where are my clothes? I need to go somewhere. I need to see to it that Mutiso manages to retrieve the photos. And why is he not picking my calls? He better not be blacked out! I trusted him with this”

Sarah was confused. What photos is he talking about? Was he hiding things from her again? He and Mutiso together was bad news. She knew it and thats why she had forbidden Njeru from seeing him.

“Sarah! Focus! My clothes…I need to leave. It’s my only chance…and now I have only 30 minutes!” Then it happened.

Suddenly, Njeru was on the floor. The doctor was kneeling next to him. The nurse appeared on the doorway and the doctor shouted something. Another one took Sarah to the edge of the bed where she was watching from, as if in a trance.


Her phone was ringing. Mutiso.




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