Part 7-He rained all over my parade: The finale!

This is the final part of the exciting 100 day challenge “He rained all over my parade” sequel…Please read Part 1-4 here, Part 5 and Part 6 to get the full story. Enjoy!

Image: Internet(

Image: Internet(


“Upuzi gani hii?

“Aaaah, me I cant fight for a man like that!”

“Women these days, smh! Thats why I  am a free ranger.You can’t trust them!”

The crowd had now grown. Women with half done hairs, children, “Muuum, that lady’s hair looks like Dora’s but it’s green. She has put food colour?” and a few men, whose only mission there was probably eye nutrition. It was a little bit past 7pm now but the lights at The Junction provided enough lighting for this showdown. In the distance, a guy could heard shouting, “Tao mbao, tao mbao! Gari ndogo ya haraka! Mbatao!”

“Jay”…Lilian whispered, looking pleadingly into Jay’s eyes. “Please……”

Jay let her go and started walking towards Ken. Clearly, his body had just arrived from the garage. Rhoda, with her stiletto still in the air was chanting something and edged Jay on…”Finish him!” Jay stopped and turned to Rhoda.

“What do you want to do with that Stiletto? Gorge his eyes out? Come on! Put that Mitumba heel down and let me handle this!”

Ken smiled. Finally! Someone who could handle this emotional wreck of a woman. Maybe I should let this guy have them both. He has a way with women alright!

Rhoda, clearly the queen of colour blocking, lowered the pink heel and slid it into her foot, murmuring something inconceivable.

“You, I will wipe that smile off your face!” Jay shouted. They were now nose to nose. His hand had balled into a fist. He took a step back,  lifted the fist ready to punch Ken. I strong hand stopped it halfway and wrestled it to his sides. Jay winced.

“I don’t know how long this has been going on, and I really don’t care…but I have been out all day, shopping with my wife. We were almost done with the salon, but THIS happened. Now I can’t tear her away from this soap opera, or wrestle mania. Whatever. I just want to go home. I have had enough torture today. I’m sure you understand. You guys need to finish this off. This party is over. Take this elsewhere..really.” Jay turned to see this block of a man! What’s his problem?

The attack  caught them all unawares! Ken had taken advantage of the distraction and handed Jay a good old side blow to the face. Another man rushed from the crowd and got a hold of Ken, slapping him in the process. Both Jay and Ken were struggling to break loose eager to finish each other off. Someone had to be the man!

“Now, we are going to loosen the grip and trust me,  NONE of you will go throwing punches. I mean it!” Block of a man said, signalling the other man restraining Ken.

With the release, both men relaxed. Jay looked around. He now saw the crowd. How had he not seen how stupid this was? Clearly embarrassed, he turned to look at Lilian. This woman, who made him crazy. He loved her more than he had ever loved any other, but the past few years, the kids and the trips abroad had taken a toll on them. They, no, he had let it go down this way. Lilian, the mother of his children had always tried to cement the holes and keep the the rodents out, but he always managed to drill another one.

“Its all my fault. I don’t know why this happened today…I want to fight. Not this man,” turning to give Ken a head to toe look then back to Lilian,”…I want to fight for US, our kids, and for the vow we made on that Saturday afternoon. I love you Lilian, and I’m sorry that I have treated you this way. If you could just give me another chance…”

Lilian looked at him. She saw him. The man she had fallen in love with. She had not seen him this way in many years. She opened her mouth to say something, but suddenly walked past him, to Ken. She hugged him. Jay was crushed. He sank to the ground.

“You were my first love, Ken. You made me know love, and I love you for that. But,  I’m sorry I made that call today. It’s unfair for both of us. Let’s just let it go. Let’s allow ourselves to love without guilt. Let’s give ourselves a chance.” She gave him a peck on the cheek and nodded to Rhoda. “Let’s give them a chance.”

Jay looked up, his crestfallen face betraying what he felt at that moment and saw Lilian smile. She knelt down before him, took his face into her hands and said. “Yes..Yes!” And they were locked in a tight embrace.

Awwwws and aaaahs could be heard coming from the crowd.

“Let’s go home superman, you showed him! That blow! Whoa!” Rhoda told Ken, kissing his muscled arm! “My superman!”






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